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"Retextualize Du Bois's IASC (1905)"

"Retextualize W.E.B. Du Bois's 'The Individual and Social Conscience' (1905)"
by Robert W. Williams

 In Particular:

 Via Retex­tu­alizer we can interact with W.E.B. Du Bois's "The Individual and Social Conscience" (IASC), which was originally untitled when published in the Proceedings of the third annual meeting of the Religious Education Association in February 1905. Du Bois delivered this works as a discussant on a panel called "How Can We Develop in the Individual a Social Conscience?"

 On another web page I provide more information on the IASC, its his­tor­i­cal con­text, and my inter­pre­ta­tion of it.

 Details and notes on the PRIMARY SOURCE used for retex­tu­ali­za­tion are found in Section 3 below.

 The Primary Source

 Du Bois, William E.B. 1905. "The Individual and Social Conscience" [Originally Untitled]. Pp. 53-55 in Religious Education Association, The Aims of Religious Education. The Proceedings of the Third Annual Convention of the Religious Education Association, Boston, February 12-16, 1905. Chicago: Executive Office of the Religious Education Association.

 Accessible at the HathiTrust Digital Library.

 Accessible at Google Books.

Primary Source Notes:

 Sentence 15—the last sentence of "The Individual and Social Conscience"—​is rather long. It consists of numerous clauses designated by commas and semicolons, and ends with a slightly altered version of an epigraph from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Because the sentence is the fundamental unit of retex­tu­ali­za­tion, I have not divided Sentence 15 into shorter pieces.

 The Proceedings contain other presentations and discussions from the 1905 meeting of the Religious Education Association.